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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfR4Nk8Vo5I Hey guys my first video on my new channel, Just did a server review and giving away 250b cash along with American torva! Check it out! Gambling video coming soon!
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    Toggle the option in the game settings
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    -when you click this button http://prntscr.com/frv0w0 to withdraw all items back to your inventory, it makes the anti scam ! and boxes show a bit buggy. -trade modified sprite should appear over the inventory item. multiple dupes were fixed. -Other misc trade bugs were fixed. -gamble offer modified sprite should appear over the inventory item. -In flower poker make it so your chat shows before your message about your opponents: http://prntscr.com/f3mokw it should show your mess safe b4 ur opponents -no clip issue with gambling fixed -Gambling should be a bit smoother overall now -left click attack added -new exit menu added -fixed theiving stall object models. -implemented the new store interface and its features. -reminders have been added for vote and donate and are set to go off every 30 minutes to an hour. -removed the reminder commands as well as the "save & saveall" commands since that issues is fixed there is no need for those commands anymore. -preset yell tags such as developer, donor, etc have been added these can be changes once you are a high enough rank to use the yell customizer. The following should be done and added: - 5% added drop rate at 10,000 npc kills - 2% drop rate for Normal mode Completionist ( 99 in all skills) - 5% Drop rate for Hardcore mode Completionist ( 99 in all skills) (end of that I just wasnted sure if it was done cause I did not test it). -venom and bock shields now have stats and go into the correct equipment slot. -rune ess pouches added to the rc store. -hardcore mode is no longer considered an iron man mode so all those restriction have been removed from the hardcore game mode. -'Bonecrusher' does not work, it doesn't bury the bones when an npc is destroyed. - fixed. -http://prntscr.com/ghiae7 - change password (south of home) account handler npc doesnt work, after u click changepassword and enter one it says to try again and that an error occured. - fixed. -Retreat bug still works. - If you go to a boss attack him run away until he retreats then go attack him again he will no longer fight back, fixed. -Fix ring of wealth so that when u operate it it will tell you your correct drop rate increase %.- fixed. -When owning max coins in both your inventory and money pouch any item that is sold does not go into your money pouch or bank it just says "the coins that you could not hold in your inventory have been placed into your pouch." - fixed. -When you put max cash in the trading screen and try to withdraw more you lose all the coins in the trading screen while it withdraws the coins from your pouch. - fixed. -Custom yell titles do not save when you re-log it will be gone. - fixed. -Launcher isn’t correctly displaying the amount of players online in-game. - fixed. -Red Chinchompas: Work exactly as other throwing weapons. Special effects (AoE on impact, disappearing after usage) do not occur. Can be picked up after being thrown from the ground below the target. - fixed. -PK sets are now available at a high price so they can not be sold for more than you buy them for. -Hunter bug; There are no imps to begin hunter, at the first teleport and you cant teleport to the level 23 area. - fixed -Make it so iron men are unable to gamble. - done. -make it so you can not buy anything from the nomad store until completing the nomad quest. - done -Bug with friends list, someone can be online and it will say they are off until u remove a friend, or re-add them, etc other wise they will stay appearing off even tho their settings are not set off so they should be appearing. Also as u see in this gif when u remove a friend while it’s saying they are online it flickers off then on?: https://i.gyazo.com/5b7568b97efdbb9f025bf365187c0643.mp4 - fixed. - Add ::droprate command which shows your current Drop Rate %. command added- working on fixing rates. -fix the fighter torso model issue -fixed. -fixed many items that their black color was showing invisible. (report if any missed). -fixed dung skillcape hood being in wrong equipment slot. -fixed some over powered custom items being aloud in wilderness (report if any missed). -pure & regular essence added to runecrafting store. -disabled dungeoneering and construction until they are fixed. -fixed bug with slayer npc. -fixed tons of shop ids to make the npcs work with the new store interface. -Pointzone boss added do ::pzboss to teleport to him. He rewards you with 130 points per kill, plus drop various like such as coins, bucks, mkeys, & mboxes. -Rasta outfit added to the vote store, check it out it sick! -Completely redone the store system with-in donating. -Other misc reminders added. Note: If you have trouble logging in keep in mind that the forum and server are now integrated so whatever your forum user and password is, is what your game one will have to be as well. Media:
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    Achieved the veteran title and 1250 prestige points!
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    I would like to suggest adding some scrolls to the donor store. They could be in increments of 10$, 25$, 50$ and 100$. This would make it easier for people to buy donations rather than having a middle man to ensure everyone is being fair. Thanks! - inked
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    NIce, you fixed a lot of things and I see you have added the skilling/npc kills Drop Rate Bonus as well as the ::droprate command. Hopefully now the fixes are mostly done we can start to push out more new content.
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    Hey everyone! I'm hosting another item find game... but this time with a twist! The catch is: Must be a new Ironman Account Have less than 20 hours played in game Must get the required items on the ironman! Ring of wealth, Magic Longbow, Steel Titan Pouch, a scimitar (thieving one), 10x ranaar weeds (cleaned), 10x energy potions, Full adamant set (Full helm, platebody, platelegs, kiteshield,), zamorak wings, mysterbox, and a gold vamp sword (defender or sword will do), and a cooking cape (t) (must be wearing the cooking cape) All of these items must be in the inventory and post a reply to this thread with a screenshot of the inventory whilst wearing the cooking cape, along with a screenshot of the time played showing the ironman status / time played , and a screenshot of the stats. The first person to accomplish this, will be rewarded with a $25 Donor Scroll to the account of their choosing! Good luck to everyone and let the games begin...
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    It's fair though, he got it legit and without abusing it, the other dude got it for 10k pointsHow910, don't act like you didn't know the second guy bought it for 10k, they both earned it, start grinding