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      Thanksgiving Event   11/12/2017

      Be sure to download the new client or relaunch the client using our launcher, you should be on RuthlessPS v2.2. Check for this at the top left hand corner of your client. Thanksgiving Event; All event items are not tradable, type ::event to teleport to the thanksgiving beast his drop rate on all of his items are 1:2 & 1:1 for 100k coins. The thanksgiving beast will be available to kill until 11/26/2017. thanksgiving beast drops: Info: sword hits doubles and is slightly stronger than the american whip, the armor is same as american stat wise & the shield is slightly better than a gold vamp defender.   


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  1. Thread with the most posts

  2. What has been going on?

    Thank you.
  3. Custom Donation Armor

  4. How did you find RuthlessPS?

    Youtube, searched 'custom rsps 317' Filters: Within Last Month Saw several video's mostly the teaser ones, the good interfaces got me to join mostly, looked different. The Torva infestation is still annoying/wasn't expecting it, hopefully we can veer away from all this Torva business.
  5. What type of music do you listen to and why?

    Payper is going deep on that one, need to check out his recent songs.
  6. Donor Slayer Benefits

    Donor What is a donor?: A Donor is someone who donates $25 to ruthlessps. Web benefits?: Rank on forum includes crown/group color on name & rank user bar as well as post bit background + 25 rep. Game benefits? 5% increased drop rate, x1.5 ruthless points, x1.5 vote points, x1.5 slayer points, x1.5 pk points, x1.5 loyalty points, & x1.5 prestige points. -If player is hardcore these will stack to; 10% drop rate, x3 ruthless points x3.5 vote points, x4 slayer points, & x4.5 prestige points. Will have access to the donor zone. It is only x3 slayer points on hardcore and Donor rank atm, i have been saving and am on 3962, with only x3 slayer this whole time. I would like some extra points and for this to be fixed. Also 10k points is considered over the top by almost everyone on server for this Magma Axe, considering 2 of these axes have already been bought for only 1k slayer points already.
  7. Discord

    Everyone use discord, discord is far superior to Skype, use discord. Can we get a server message upon login to announce the discord server. Link to Discord Server: https://discord.gg/nh8vHNV
  8. Quick little server Tour!!!

    Nice vid man, u showed/talked about a variety of features on the server.
  9. Ruthless banner!

    Looks Epic
  10. What type of music do you listen to and why?

    Drill, American Trap/Rap, Rap, Hip-Hop