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  1. Game Update #20 Biggest update yet!

    NIce, you fixed a lot of things and I see you have added the skilling/npc kills Drop Rate Bonus as well as the ::droprate command. Hopefully now the fixes are mostly done we can start to push out more new content.
  2. Thread with the most posts

  3. What has been going on?

    Thank you.
  4. bag out spria

  5. Bloodshot Leg Drop!

  6. Iron Spria's Progress

    Nice skills, is that on your Hardcore account?
  7. Custom Donation Armor

  8. Public decision

    Really nice designs!
  9. Staff updates - Sep 3rd 2017

    Gz Wolf
  10. Yes, the time of Torva is over, the Torpedo and Wolf sets look very customised, nice one. Edit: Hooooool! the Wolfthorn is a bow! I thought it was a whip at first look from my mobile. Hopefully its good, cause it damn looks good.
  11. Armour texture evolution

    Looks good.
  12. Game Update #19

    Nice, the yell customizer works nicely now. Deluxe donor+ xPoints bonus is still messed, like vote points, haven't checked the slayer or prestige points yet.
  13. Giveaway

    Epic! IGN: How910
  14. How did you find RuthlessPS?

    Youtube, searched 'custom rsps 317' Filters: Within Last Month Saw several video's mostly the teaser ones, the good interfaces got me to join mostly, looked different. The Torva infestation is still annoying/wasn't expecting it, hopefully we can veer away from all this Torva business.