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  1. bag out spria

    i'll smash ya noodle down a sink hole and turn the grinder on, that thing that goes brrrughrrrreeefghhhh and like grinds food, in a sink, your noodle vs sink, gg you and uhh rip noodle
  2. bag out spria

    post what you dislike about this guy Hate him becuse he disses me about my tea breaks
  3. Bloodshot Leg Drop!

    shit yeah man, gzz
  4. Iron Spria's Progress

    yeah bro, smashin it, keep at it
  5. Spria's Application

    atta boy, about time you filled in an appilcation, i'd love to have you on the staff team, you're always helping every one with questions, and giving out advantages and good tips to newer players, i believe this position would be fitting for ya bro, hope ya get it and you're the most active player i've seen online, hope that doesn't change! best of luck man
  6. Custom Donation Armor

    make the cape best cape in-game and the rest cosmetic, i'd say $50 for cape if it becomes best in game, other wise about $20 a piece if cosmetic
  7. 1-99 Agility Guide

    good to see another guide up man, Don't forget about before you exchange the tickets for xp, activate the bonus xp on a scroll. but yeah well done man
  8. Public decision

    loving the cursed 1
  9. 1-99 Fishing Guide

    good job man, looks good and simple to follow
  10. that new vote armour lookin sexy af, can't wait to get my hands on it and try out these new bosses!! friggen wooop woop for more content! cheers for the much anticipated extra gear and bosses, good job bro
  11. Game Update #19

    love to see guns got a boost, and now wolf can do agility aha good job with the fixes!
  12. Custom Home (Spoiler)

    that is actually so good, now i can bank stand and skill at the same time nah but sounds dope bro, skill area at home would be a mad incentive for players to skill
  13. 100 kills at Luigi

    Dope video man, can't wait to see the next
  14. store

    donate for points and buy the item you want with the points in the donor store
  15. Fire Making Guide

    appreciate the guide man, good job