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      Thanksgiving Event   11/12/2017

      Be sure to download the new client or relaunch the client using our launcher, you should be on RuthlessPS v2.2. Check for this at the top left hand corner of your client. Thanksgiving Event; All event items are not tradable, type ::event to teleport to the thanksgiving beast his drop rate on all of his items are 1:2 & 1:1 for 100k coins. The thanksgiving beast will be available to kill until 11/26/2017. thanksgiving beast drops: Info: sword hits doubles and is slightly stronger than the american whip, the armor is same as american stat wise & the shield is slightly better than a gold vamp defender.   


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  1. Custom Donation Armor

    make the cape best cape in-game and the rest cosmetic, i'd say $50 for cape if it becomes best in game, other wise about $20 a piece if cosmetic
  2. Rate the username above you!

    goota say, personally i love short names. despair is pretty top notch and has a certain ring to it that makes it not boring to read or say aloud, thus keeping in mind i'm a short name fan. 8/10