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  1. SERVER REVIEW + Giveaway!

    Late reply, but nice asf video mate, and thanks for publisizing the server.
  2. Game Update #20 Biggest update yet!

    Amazing job with the updates Ruthless, and they've been going smoothly asf curently, very impressed with your work mate.
  3. Forums/Misc Info

    cant wait to see what the future holds, already going at a good pace, and thank you for updating everybody on how the forums + ingame is going, hope for the best, Excited and HYPED asf to see them all produced.
  4. What has been going on?

    Understandable mate, I'm quite sure alot of people have been under the weather lately, and I'm 100% sure that all of us here support you, and hope to see the updates asap. <3 much love homie best of luck on them! CANT WAIT!
  5. Spria's Application

    Very mature member of the community, helpful, knowledgeable, and very laid back, I think you'd make a great addition to the staff team! #Vouch!
  6. 1-99 Smithing Guide

    Thank you once again for making an amazing, and detailed guide, much love homie!
  7. Public decision

    I really like these items, they look dope and unique, and I reckon.. 'Magma Destruction' 'Natures Gift' 'Anceint TwoHander' 'Cursed Soul' I believe these names are pretty unique, and cool, ~ I believe Magma Is better looking, just because I love the color scheme.~ Rethinking, Ancient could be called 'Ancient Destroyer' Reminds me of the sword from 'Wonder woman' just beause the name 'Ancient',
  8. Tag you're it.

    This sounds really nice, and would definitely be a whole new unique minigame I've never seen anywhere else. Keep up the good work, make awesome decisions, and keep up the nice suggestions. Much love ♥
  9. 1-99 Agility Guide

    JEEPERS! Thank you again massively for going out of your way to make yet ANOTHER amazing guide, keep up the good work mate, cant wait to see what future guides you have to come out. Much love.
  10. Clues/Wiki

    The hp resetting should be revamped I agree, they should when outside of combat regain 1\10th of there hp every 10 seconds, this gives players 100seconds (1minute 40 seconds) to get back to the npc. This would be the time needed to have the player restock and go back. The wiki I believe would be an amazing aspect and it'll look nice to have it working alongside the forums, But with the wiki comes Wiki managers and Wiki staff, probably an aspect released once the server grows to around 25+ daily. (I have faith for this server). Cluescrolls sound like an amazing aspect to make into the game, clues are fun and enjoyable no matter where you are, wether it be irl, or ingames and I like hunting npcs myself for clues to do them, gives you something outside of pvming, gambling, skilling, to do. ~Thank you for reading my feedback~
  11. Staff updates - Sep 3rd 2017

    congratulations @@Wolf and sorry how910 mate, hopefully you'll stay around though. Also, thank you @@Server for keeping us updated!
  12. 1-99 Fishing Guide

    AYE!! My man, nice guide, very detailed, good photos, and thank you for making this guide, hope to see more from you in the future!
  13. Goodbye, For Now?

    Goodluck mate, I hope to see you come back next Summer\Spring or something, you were nice to talk too, anyways enjoy life and may you live well.
  14. A new addition (armour) [1]

    Decent looking items, I like how they look smoothly, but ruthless wants unique customs to his unique server, some are copies, sorry mate. Much love though.
  15. Game Update #19

    (late) but thank you for the updates and I cant wait to see what the future brings!! K3 you sexy giant. ~Special thank you too the development team~