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  1. Staff updates - Sep 3rd 2017

    Hello everyone, We've decided to promote @@Wolf to global moderator since he excelled at his job and have proved us that he's worthy of a promotion! We have demoted @@How910 from the staff-team. Thanks @@Server
  2. Staff updates - Aug 18th 2017

    Hello everyone, I've been discussing with @@Ruthless about staff promotions so we've decided to promote two users to moderator, I'd like to congratulate @ and @@one on their moderator status, hope you guys excel at what you do. We've been searching for a trail forum moderator for a while and we've finally found a user who possess the qualities needed for that rank, congratulations @@How910 on being our new trail forum moderator; don't disappoint! We're looking for a trail moderator so please don't hesitate to apply if you have what it takes! Thanks!

    Good job on the upload!
  4. New RuthLess upload! Server Showcase!

    Keep it up dude, awesome video
  5. Donor Slayer Benefits

    It's fair though, he got it legit and without abusing it, the other dude got it for 10k pointsHow910, don't act like you didn't know the second guy bought it for 10k, they both earned it, start grinding
  6. How910's Mega Suggestion

    Now this is a proper suggestions thread, I've informed the team about this.
  7. Summoning guide!

    Good job Knight, great guide
  8. Knight's Beginner Guide!

    Awesome guide man, good job
  9. No Fear's Goals & Achievements

    Good luck achieving your goals dude
  10. Hello, my friends!

    Welcome to Ruthless hope you enjoy it here! Btw very cool introduction
  11. Community Manager

    Thanks guys, appreciate it!
  12. Hi, I'm Lewis

    Welcome to Ruthless! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  13. Official Release

    On behalf of the entire Ruthless team we'd like to welcome you guys to Ruthless! Everyone should take advantage of our launch and compete in the leaderboards and get decent armour and make bank whilst you're at it!
  14. Rate the username above you!

    I guess I'll be the lone wolf here and give him a one/10
  15. Community Manager

    Hello everyone, First off I'd like to thank Ruthless for choosing me to manage this community and handle the team, I've had years of experience when it comes to managing servers and I've managed a handful of top servers and decent sized communities, Secondly I'd like to let you guys know more about my role; I'm responsible for advocating the server on numerous sites. Community managers create their own social persona and actively go out within the community to connect with the players and advocate the server. Community managers typically deal with those who are not familiar with the server or it's name, Lastly, we're expecting this server to go live soon and we hope to impress our community, our talented team have been grinding hours upon hours everyday to make our community enjoy the server. Thanks! Server