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      Thanksgiving Event   11/12/2017

      Be sure to download the new client or relaunch the client using our launcher, you should be on RuthlessPS v2.2. Check for this at the top left hand corner of your client. Thanksgiving Event; All event items are not tradable, type ::event to teleport to the thanksgiving beast his drop rate on all of his items are 1:2 & 1:1 for 100k coins. The thanksgiving beast will be available to kill until 11/26/2017. thanksgiving beast drops: Info: sword hits doubles and is slightly stronger than the american whip, the armor is same as american stat wise & the shield is slightly better than a gold vamp defender.   


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  1. Donor Slayer Benefits

    It's fair though, he got it legit and without abusing it, the other dude got it for 10k pointsHow910, don't act like you didn't know the second guy bought it for 10k, they both earned it, start grinding
  2. Rate the username above you!

    I guess I'll be the lone wolf here and give him a one/10
  3. About Us: We are the first clan on Ruthless, mainly focused around PvM of all kinds. We hold weekly meetings every Friday to discuss important topics and also to schedule the upcoming week's events. We host different types of events ranging from boss masses, pk trips, in clan competitions, and even different types of giveaways. Events are always open to suggestions and new ideas. We have lots of success and experience in building a big, effective clan from scratch and hope that we can continue that on this server. Rules: Follow all of Ruthless's server and forum rules CLICK HERE FOR LINK MUST be well mannered and kind individuals. DO NOT kill another clan member in the wild unless it is an arranged fight. DO NOT ask for clan ranks, they will be updated and managed daily. NO FLAMING in clan chat or over yell of our clan or another clan. NO RACISM in any chat. Must have the drive to succeed and be the best you can best. Must be a consistent player of the game. Must be proactive and engaging in game and chat. Do not apply or attempt to join another clan without first resigning from this one. MUST OBEY ALL RULES, NO EXCEPTIONS FOR ANYONE! We are looking for both elite pvmers & elite pkers of the sorts. We expect everyone to meet the requirements at all times. *If you break any or multiple of these rules then it will be noted down and could lead to your removal from the clan* Requirment: Must speak/type English Must have at least 72 hours playtime in Ruthless Consistently active players Knowledge of every boss encounter Knowledge of gear setups and npcs Knowledge of Pking gear setup Application: Username: Recruiter: Total lvl: Playtime: Proof of Stats and Playtime: Tell us a bit about yourself: What are your reasons for wanting to join and how will you contribute the clan?: Ranks: Upon joining you will receive the rank of Recruit. If you have maxed stats then you will receive a promotion, although you do not need to be maxed in order to be promoted. Promotions are discussed between star ranks (Lieutenant-General) and may be given at any time but are most likely done at the end of our weekly meeting. Qualities that we look for to be eligible for promotions are as follows: Loyalty to the clan Trust Experience in rsps and Ruthless Shows leadership, kindness, and is helpful to others Attends clan/server events and clan meetings Follows all of Ruthless's and our clan rules List of our members as well as their ranks and duties: Owner Server Generals ------------------- Captains ------------------- Lieutenants ------------------- Sergeants ------------------- Corporals ------------------- Recruits ------------------- For any questions please contact Server or another one of our high ranking members. Side note: This clan is on pause until we get a bigger playerbase and people get their stats up.