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  1. Sorting out a few job possibilities, I will return Monday or Tuesday ;) 

  2. Good luck everyone!
  3. Thread with the most posts

    - Duke Nukem(Dick Kickem)
  4. I love having my time wasted...

  5. inked's Mod Application

    #Support Extremely helpful, active and all-round nice guy, would love to see him with a beautiful crown next to his name
  6. Spria's Application

    Thanks man <3
  7. bag out spria

    Reported for harassment
  8. bag out spria

  9. Thread with the most posts

    who dis
  10. Bloodshot Leg Drop!

    Congrats man, looks nice on the floor
  11. Rate the username above you!

    Wolf reminds me of the dire wolves which are a fearsome and formidable beast, I applaud the name, person and beast alike, 10/10!
  12. Spria's Application

    Thanks man, I am touched that everyone is soo supportive of my application, i'm glad to be a member of this kind, friendly and welcoming community
  13. Spria's Application

    Thanks man, I hope I get accepted and if I do, be as good a mod as you are!
  14. Iron Spria's Progress

    No, that is on my ironman, I could add a few screenshots of my Hardcore if you want though?
  15. My current gear, stats and milestones - More to come!