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      Thanksgiving Event   11/12/2017

      Be sure to download the new client or relaunch the client using our launcher, you should be on RuthlessPS v2.2. Check for this at the top left hand corner of your client. Thanksgiving Event; All event items are not tradable, type ::event to teleport to the thanksgiving beast his drop rate on all of his items are 1:2 & 1:1 for 100k coins. The thanksgiving beast will be available to kill until 11/26/2017. thanksgiving beast drops: Info: sword hits doubles and is slightly stronger than the american whip, the armor is same as american stat wise & the shield is slightly better than a gold vamp defender.   


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  1. Cullen's GFX

    This is awesome man! great job!
  2. Gemstone God Progression (NEW BOSS)

    Great work! thanks for the dedication!
  3. Gemstone God Progression (NEW BOSS)

    Overly excited for this. This update is gonna be sick! Looking forward to the new content! thanks man!
  4. Staff Update #4

    Welcome @GorgBoots!
  5. Staff Update #4

    @ImRab (yin) Has been promoted to moderator, He did a great job on his trial run and we're glad to welcome to the team permanently! Everyone please welcome back @Account to the team as a trial moderator! He has gotten more active again and we're glad to have him back! Last but not least, Please welcome @Aiyanna as a trial moderator! She has helped tremendously with the community and we're glad to have her on board. EDIT Please give a warm welcome to our new Trial Forum Moderator @GorgBoots ! He has helped with information in game as well as identified spam that needed to be deleted off the forums. His attention to detail is superb and is exactly what we need!

    Great video man! Keep it up!
  7. Thread with the most posts

    I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum.... and I'm all out of bubblegum.
  8. Tones of easy to implement suggestions

    Thank you for the well detailed suggestions and how to implement them in the game.
  9. Pre-run Newspaper

    I love prettier! great job man!
  10. Ruthless News??

    I love the idea!
  11. Transferring your consciousness into a machine

    I'd rather live a full life then die tbh
  12. Aiyanna's Gambling Guide

    Nice guide! Just have to remember that even if there are odds, you can always be swooped by RNG! Nothing is 100% when it comes to gambling!
  13. Thread with the most posts

    better light them candles.
  14. Rate the username above you!

  15. Rate the signature above you!