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  1. tenletters youtube app

    Good luck!
  2. RuthlessPS Updates / Forum Event!

    Great video! Looking forward to more!
  3. Game Update #20 Biggest update yet!

    Great job with the updates! Looking forward to face the point zone boss.
  4. 1st Gambling Vid!

    Great video! Looks like you went out with a lot.
  5. SERVER REVIEW + Giveaway!

    Great video!
  6. Thank you for hosting, good luck everyone!
  7. Forums/Misc Info

    Loving the new website, can't wait for the in-game updates too. Well done!
  8. Thread with the most posts

    Its ya boi
  9. inked's Mod Application

    Have not been on for a while, but you seem helpful when I am on. Good luck!
  10. Thread with the most posts

  11. Bloodshot Leg Drop!

    Nice! How many kills did it take you?
  12. Rate the username above you!

    Shade. Since I like the shade I'll give you 10/10!
  13. Iron Spria's Progress

    Great progress! I see you have got the air whip and a lot of points to spare!
  14. Spria's Application

    Support. You're one of the most helpful players I have seen online. Also, you have been online for quite a long time and you know pretty much know most of the server. Good luck!
  15. Custom Donation Armor

    Yep, talking about donation points. Would you be adding it to shop or just taking away the points and giving the set?