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  1. 1-99 Smithing Guide

    Sounds great because otherwise it would take a couple hours to get from 88-99.
  2. 1-99 Smithing Guide

    Welcome to my 1-99 Smithing Guide! This guide will explain what you need to make and how much bars it would take to obtain the target level! This is an extremely tedious skill and required a ton of patience to obtain whatever goal you're shooting for. To begin smithing, go into your skill tab and press the skilling section to be teleported to here: Once here, buy a hammer from the Mining Instructor and he will have the bars in the bottom section of his shop. NOTE: The Ice/Morune Bars do not work on the anvil so don't bother with them, but just follow what I did with the guide. Bronze Levels 1-15 : 11 Bronze Daggers (11 Bronze Bars) Levels 15-26 : 9 Bronze Chainbodies (27 Bronze Bars) Levels 26-35 : 25 Bronze Platebodies (75 Bronze Bars) Steel Levels 35-40 : 20 Steel Scimitars (20 Steel Bars) Levels 40-46 : 18 Steel Warhammers (54 Steel Bars) Levels 46-50 : 18 Steel Platelegs (54 Steel Bars) Levels 50-55 : 26 Steel Platebodies (130 Steel Bars) Mithril Levels 55-62 : 116 Mithril Scimitars (116 Mithril Bars) Levels 62-66 : 50 Mithril Chainbodies (150 Mithril Bars) Levels 66-68 : 33 Mithril Platelegs (99 Mithril Bars) Levels 68-75 : 134 Mithril Platebodies (670 Mithril Bars) Adamant Levels 75-81 : 424 Adamant Scimitar (424 Adamant Bars) Levels 81-86 : 288 Adamant Chainbodies (864 Adamant Bars) Levels 86-88 : 156 Adamant Platelegs (468 Adamant Bars) Levels 88-99 : 1,601 Adamant Platebodies (8005 Adamant Bars) This skill requires a lot of effort and patience since there are no runite bars in the shops, so keep grinding, and one day this cape will be yours! Thank you for reading my guide!
  3. Public decision

    I like the Cursed one the best I would call it " Kamil's Curse" aka the Boss 'Kamil' from Desert Treasure.
  4. 1-99 Agility Guide

    Welcome to my Agility guide, this has been known to be a tedious skill, but all it requires is a bit of concentration! To begin the skill, you'll want to go into your skill tab and press the agility skill and teleport to the Gnome Agility Course. NOTE: After any course you do, you are awarded these agility tickets These tickets can be exchange to Cap N' Izzy No Beard for 7,680 experience each and are extremely helpful when training Agility. Each course awards a different amount of tickets Gnome Agility Course : 2 Tickets Barbarian Outpost : 4 Tickets Wildy Course : 6 Tickets NOTE : Be cautious when entering the Wildy course as if you die, you will LOSE your items. It is also helpful obtaining the Agile set from Cap'n for 120 Agility Tickets as the set awards more xp towards the course. From 1-35, you're going to want to do the Gnome Agility Course and it takes around 3 laps without the use of any tickets. From 35-55, you're going to want to do the Barbarian Outpost and it takes around 6-8 laps without the use of any tickets. From 55-99, you're going to want to do the Wildy Agility Course (You can LOSE your items if you die here, so it is advised to bank all of your valuables and just take the agile set for additional xp.) This takes around 250-500 laps to achieve 99. After achieving level 99, you will be able to obtain a Skillcape in Agility. Hope you enjoyed the guide, thanks!
  5. A new addition (armour) [1]

    Seen the 1st/2nd armor on another PS but the 2nd is also Obsidian armour on Rs3, but meh.
  6. Clues/Wiki

    Clue Scrolls Adds another "minigame" aspect to the game. Potential rewards from clues could include customs from point shops or any upcoming new armours as a very rare reward (talking about 1/500-1/2000 depending on what item) They're just fun in general. Potential reward from doing any skill to make promote skilling. Wiki In my opinion, a wikia makes stuff look more organized compared to guides being cluttered in one section altogether. It'd be easier to locate stuff rather than having to find a guide you're looking for in a section. Npc's Hp Resetting Have the Npc's hp remain the same while you were fighting it when you tele. This could be extremely irritating for people with low tier gear trying to kill a certain monster and having to restock not allowing them to finish the kill.
  7. Game Update #19

    Good work on the updates
  8. 1-99 Fishing Guide

    Thanks guys
  9. 1-99 Fishing Guide

    Thanks will be making more in the future
  10. 1-99 Fishing Guide

    Yo what's up guys? This is my fishing guide for you to succeed in catching fish! To begin with to get to the fishing location, you're going to press the Fishing skill in your skills and you will be teleported to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. You will get all of the items you need from the Master Fisherman right when you tele to this location. From 1-16, you're going to want to fish Shrimp with a "Small Fishing Net" located at this pool: From 16-35, you're going to want to fish Mackerels and Cods with a "Big Fishing Net" located at this pool: From 35-45 and 45-63, you're going to want to catch Tuna with a "Harpoon" and after you have reached 45, you are going to want to get a "Lobster Pot" and fish lobsters located at this pool: From 63-80, you're going to want to catch Monkfish with a "Big Fishing Net" located at this pool: From 80-92, you're going to want to catch Shark with a "Harpoon" located at this pool: And finally from 92-99, you're going to want to catch Rocktails with a "Fishing Rod" located at this pool: After you have followed this fairly simple guide to obtaining 99 fishing, you are able to obtain the Skillcape of Fishing: Thanks for viewing my guide, there is more to come in the near future!